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Officers and Leaders

  • S. Truett Cathy, Founder

    Dan T. Cathy 
    Chairman, President, and Chief Executive Officer 
    Donald (Bubba) M. Cathy 
    Executive Vice President and President, Dwarf House 

    Rodney Bullard 
    Vice President, Community Affairs 
    James (Buck) B. McCabe 
    Executive Vice President, Finance and Chief Financial Officer 


    Philip A. Barrett 
    Vice President, Corporate Financial Services 
    Lindsey D. Barron 
    Director, Business Insights 
    Roger E. Blythe, Jr. 
    Vice President, Financial Planning and Development 
    William (Tim) T. Boggs 
    Senior Director, Administration 
    Mark L. Brackett 
    Senior Director, Enterprise Applications 
    Janet Bridges 
    Senior Director of Financial Services, Treasury 

    Mary (Kathy) Buckley 
     Director of Payroll Services 
    J. Vance Burgess 
    Director, Real Estate Legal 
    Saleitha L. Champion 
    Senior Director, Restaurant Financial Reporting 
    B. Lynn Chastain 
    Vice President and General Counsel 

    Alex B. Doverspike 
    Director, Financial Project Management and Staff Development 
    Michael F. Erbrick 
    Vice President, Information Technology / Chief Information Officer 
    Kevin R. Fannin 
    Director, Business Solutions 

    Susannah W. Frost 

    Director, Real Estate Legal

    Shannon J. Gardner

    Director, Risk Management 

    I. Patrick Gresham 
    Director, Financial Reporting Systems 
    Glenn H. Hewitt 
    Senior Director, Tax Accounting 
    Timothy (Tim) R. J. Howe 
    Director, Operational Tax 
    Kimberly Jiske Johnson 
    Director, Corporate Financial Reporting 
    Donna W. Kirbow 
    Vice President, Risk Management and Benefits 
    Kelly D. Ludwick 
    Senior Director, Corporate Legal 
    Kimberly M. McMillian 
    Senior Director, Financial Planning and Reporting 
    Sandra (Sandi) T. Moody 
    Vice President, Business Insights 
    Onome Okuma 
    Senior Director, Business Growth and Supply Chain Solutions 
    John (Jay) O. Overstreet 
    Director, Engineering, Integration and Data 
    S. Tammy Pearson 
    Vice President and Assistant General Counsel, Corporate Legal 
    Joni H. Per-Lee 
    Director, Financial Consulting 
    Brent Ragsdale 
    Vice President, Chief Accounting Officer 

    Delores (Dee) J. Reid 
     Director, Restaurant Operations and Support 
     Edward (Ed) M. Rinderle 
     Director, Restaurant Solutions and Sourcing 
     Amy G. Rooks 
     Director, Real Estate Legal 
     Lynette E. Smith 
     Director, Corporate Legal 
     Daniel (Dan) J. Strain 
     Senior Director, Information Technology Shared Services 
     Christopher (Chris) W. Taylor 
     Director, Information Technology Architecture 

    Paul D. Wiley
     Senior Director, Restaurant Financial Services 
    Steven (Steve) A. Robinson 
    Executive Vice President, Marketing and Chief Marketing Officer 

     Jonathan (Jon) B. Bridges 
     Vice President, Customer Experience 

     David B. Farmer 
     Vice President, Product Strategy and Development 
     Michael S. Garrison 
     Senior Director, Environmental Stewardship and Packaging 
     Carrie J. Kurlander 
     Vice President, Corporate Public Relations 
     Courtney D. LaVallee 
     Director, Marketing Communications 
     Robert L. McLaughlin 
     Director, Marketing Services 
     Mark G. Moraitakis 
     Director, Hospitality and Service Design 

    Tom A. Morder, Jr. 
     Director, Strategic Insights 
     Amanda Norris 
     Senior Director, Product Development 
     Mary Clancy Peak 
     Director, Advertising and Campaigns 
     David G. Salyers 
     Vice President, National & Regional Marketing 
     Roger H. Shealy 
     Director, Production Design 
     Barron (Barry) K. Vaughan 
     Director, Menu Development 
     Barry V. White 
     Vice President, Marketing Services 
     L. J. Yankosky 
     Director, Sponsorships and Event Marketing 
    Timothy (Tim) P. Tassopoulos 
    Executive Vice President, Operations 

     J. Mark Ashworth 
     Director, Strategic Events 
     Howard M. (Mac) Baker, Jr. 
     Senior Director, Grand Openings 

    T. Steven (Steve) Barker
     Director, Supply Integrity 
     Shane A. Benson 
     Regional Director, Atlantic Region 
     Bruce B. Cameron 
     Regional Director, Northeast Region 
     Andrew T. Cathy 
     Vice President and Chief People Officer
     Kristen F. Clever 
     Director, Stewardship 
     Anita E. Costello 
     Regional Director, Midwest Region 
     Bedford (Dwain) Cox 
     Director, Innovation and Design 
     Donald B. Crocker 
     Senior Director of Real Estate 
     Cheryl B. Dick 
     Senior Director, Field Operations, Licensed Operations 
     Steven (Steve) L. DeVane 
     Senior Director of Real Estate 
     Alejandro (Alex) Dominguez 
     Senior Director of Real Estate 
     Robert (Rob) P. Dugas 
     Vice President, Supply Chain 
    Stephen (Steve) A. Dull 
    Director, Field Operations 

    William (Bill) J. Dunphy, Jr. 
    Vice President, Field Talent 
     William (Woody) F. Faulk 
     Vice President, Innovation and Design 
     John E. Featherston, Jr. 
     Senior Director of Real Estate 
     Jason B. Fischer 
     Director, Distribution and Logistics 
     William (Will) M. Flora 
     Director, Training and Operating Standards 
     Bruce (Blake) L. Goodman 
     Director, Real Estate 
     Brian T. Grady 
     Senior Director, Kitchen Systems and Facility Design 

    Colin M. Gromley
     Director, Real Estate 
     Todd A. Grubbs 
     Senior Director, Company Owned Restaurants 
     Jeannie R. Haralson 
     Senior Director, Strategic Events 
     Jerry M. (Mike) Hensley 
     Team Director, Southeast Region 
     C. Steve Hester 
     Senior Director, Strategic Initiatives 
     Heyward H. Hoover 
     Director, Field Operations 
     T. Wayne Hoover 
     Senior Regional Director, West Region 
     Don L. Ikeler, III 
     Director, Restaurant Development, West Region 
     Jay C. Kimsey 
     Team Director, Atlantic Region 
     C. Harold (Hal) King 
     Director, Food and Product Safety 
     Steven (Steve) E. Lewis 
     Director, Restaurant Development, Southwest Region 
     Gregorgy (Gregg) E. Lollis 
     Senior Director, Restaurant Development 
     William (Andy) A. Lorenzen 
     Senior Director, Organizational Effectiveness and Development 
     Donald E. (Skip) MacHarg, III 
     Team Director, Atlantic Region 

    Kevin P. Malone 
     Director, Urban Strategy 
     Richard (Rich) C. Matherne 
     Vice President, Southeast Region 
     Scott K. Mayson 
     Team Director, Southwest Region 
     John H. McCleskey, Jr. 
     Vice President, Restaurant Development 
     T. Mark Miller 
     Vice President, Organizational Effectiveness and Development 
     David Millican 
     Director, Restaurant Development, Facilities 

    Jodee W. Morgan
     Director, Talent Acquisition 
     Thomas (Tom) A. Nolan 
     Senior Director, Restaurant Development 
     Amy M. Ohde 
     Regional Director, Southwest Region 
     Philip (Phil) Orazi, III 
     Senior Director, Field Staff Development 
     M. Anderson (Andy) Piper 
     Senior Director, Strategic Investment 
     Erwin C. Reid 
     Vice President of Real Estate 
     Clifford (Cliff) T. Robinson 
     Vice President of Field Operations 

     James (Jim) M. Ruane 
     Team Director, Southwest Region 
     Michael (Mike) S. Schisler 
     Team Director, Southeast Region 
     Meyer S. Skalak 
     Director, Supply Sourcing 
     Christopher (Todd) Sweatt 
     Vice President, Systems Development

    L. Scott Thigpen 
     Director, Restaurant Development 
     Gregory (Greg) B. Thompson 
     Senior Director, Corporate Communications 
     J. Reade Tidwell 
     Director of Corporate Communications 
     Dee Ann Turner 
     Vice President, Corporate Talent 
     R. David Turner 
     Senior Director, Services and Development 
     W. Timothy (Tim) Yancey 
     Senior Director, Supply Chain